Art Rental Cyprus

Renting Art in Cyprus has never been easier.

There are so many benefits to renting Artworks for your house or business premises. We tailor our service for homes, offices, hotels and luxury properties across the island. SmART Investments – made over time. Terms and conditions apply.

‘Rent-to-Buy Art in Cyprus’

Benefits of Art Rental for Homes:

  • No need to break the bank to display high-quality Art
  • Rent Artworks by Artists in Cyprus for as little as €150 per month
  • Own (or upgrade) the Artworks at the end of the Plan

Benefits of Art Rental for Offices:

  • Make a lasting impression on clients visiting your offices
  • Introduce a conversation-piece for your clients
  • Change the mood in your work environment with quality Art
  • Support Cyprus’ most professional Artists.