Art Rental & Commissions

Access to Investment Art has never been easier in Cyprus.

Rent Art for Events, Film-Sets & Theatre

Short Term Art Rental is suitable for business events, theatre shows, cultural events and film-sets where high quality Art can be used to enhance the mood and setting.

High Quality Paintings for Rent & Sale

Rent Art for Luxury Offices & Hotels

Long Term Art Rental is suitable for luxury offices, hotels, show homes and other business premises in Cyprus. High quality artworks are installed by our professional art handlers and payments are made on a monthly basis for a set period of time. At the end of the plan, the premises manager has the option to own the artwork or upgrade for a new look. Please contact us for more details on tax benefits.

Site-Specific Art for Luxury Homes & Offices

We work closely with the artists to get you what you need. Connect with us for bespoke artworks tailored according to your request.

  • Fused Glass Art
  • Industrial Glass Art
  • Bronze Sculptures
  • Bespoke Mosaics
  • Paintings
  • Art Photography