Chakra Designs

Introducing Chakra Gallery

Chakra Art Gallery was born in Paphos in October of 2017. The mission was to create a unique and characterful space whereby artists in Cyprus could display their work for sale, and also as a lively event space to ensure ongoing high exposure of the art to different demographics. Today, Chakra Art Gallery is a thriving brand with an organically grown network spanning across the Island.

Professional Artists in Cyprus

The most reliable, honest and professional exhibiting artists from the Chakra Artist Network were recently selected to feature in this brochure. What they have to offer is so much more than just an art piece. The main thing to know is that when you invest in a service with us, you are contributing to the professional life of an artist in Cyprus, so that they can continue creating and paving the way for rising artists.

Strategic Collaboration Plans

  • Property Developers
  • Interior Designers
  • Architects
  • Hoteliers
  • Office Premises
  • Residential Properties

Source the right Art for your property with a new high quality addition. From artistic photographic prints to high-end investment art… connect with us for more info!”